On the way from Finland to Karelia

This post will be quite small, just a few photos I made along the way at a scout camp Kosmos’15 home in Petrozavodsk. The nature of Finland and Karelia very similar, and indeed they were once one country. Dense forests, rivers, large lakes and small Lambushka, blue sky and clouds reflecting in them — the most important riches of the area, attracting tourists from around the world. For many years it was all in my walking distance. And the more you begin to appreciate it all, after living a few years in another country.

In this post I would like to thank those who made this trip possible. To go to such an event from Petrozavodsk to Finland with her two children by public transport is almost impossible, so you need a car, which we did not have. At our request Vkontakte said our friends Julia and Sasha, who offered us a own a brand new Skoda Octavia Combi.

To say that I was pleased with the new Octavia — it does not say anything. Machine — what you need for families with children: spacious interior, huge trunk, safety on the highest level from the body structure and airbags (up to nine) to the headlights with dynamic cornering lights. A powerful engine that allows you to safely overtake on the highway, Continue reading

The Campaign of Kaluga region

Park Ugra in Kaluga region

City of Kaluga all speckled Hiking trails. The abundance of natural and archaeological monuments attract the attention of all who appreciate the gifts of the earth and prefers to see the world with my own eyes, and not with the help of the video travelers.

The true pride of the region are parks . The famous Ugra is a national from the end of the last century. Located in the valleys of three tributaries of the Oka (the Zhizdra, Ugra, and Visa), it stretches almost 200 km. This hike in the Kaluga region is not complete without a visit to the luxurious sanctuary, which dates back to the stone age.

Picturesque landscapes of mixed forests consist of numerous rare plants (especially mosses). Motley diversity of fauna includes nearly 300 species, including representatives of the beautiful fur. About 20 species of birds in the protected list. Areas with swamps and impenetrable forests are not afraid of travellers. Many forest trails, equipped for overnight stays and Parking lots and places to build fires, make you feel more comfortable. More than 70 lakes (flood and ice) got lost in the extensive grounds of the Park. Continue reading

Unique lake

The requirement to keep the reclamation of the unique lake in its natural state as natural monuments. to carry out activities to preserve their natural conditions, in unfavorable cases, to carry out their reclamation (cleaning of debris, sediments, sapropel), as well as on all lakes to protect their water from pollution by untreated sewage, pesticides and fertilizers.

Reclamation activities should be aimed at increasing the productivity of water bodies for hunting and fisheries, which depends on lake levels, water in reservoirs and its distribution along the seasons of the year, of entry and removal of organic matter and mineral salts.

The water regime of lakes even in the natural state is characterized by circularity, since the wet years alternate with dry. This cycle is complicated by the development of reed beds.

In the life of the reservoirs and the dynamics of their productivity there are three main phases: the phase of youth (1), maturity (2) and aging (3)’. Continue reading

Lake Zurich: the sun and water

Sitting in the restaurant town of Rapperswil overlooking lake Zurich, and then see people flying by on bicycles. «This, incidentally, is not just the idle men about town, ” explains our guide, Alfonso Leopard. — they are travelers. Cycle routes span the entire country, ranging from sophisticated to family”.

When it comes to travel, the Swiss participants are transformed into amazing worship. They were little three and a half thousand kilometers of Railways, millions of bus passengers annually — all kinds of transport are combined into one giant chain, the links of which are perfectly fitted and work, according to the pedantic Swiss, with an error of 13 percent. Less meticulous peoples, this error can easily not notice at all.

With all the love for the railway, the Swiss have not forgotten about the lakes. The water lives a large number of people, and sometimes ferry — the most natural means to get from home to work, how are we underground or bus. Ferries cross from pleasure boats, the passengers Continue reading

The deepest lake of our planet

Angara – the daughter of the lake From the lake follows one river – Angara. In the legends call it the daughter of the lake. It is said that in the old days the mighty Baikal was cheerful and kind. Firmly he loved his only daughter Angara. Prettier it was not on earth. And no matter who was driving past the Angara, all admired her, all praised it.

Baikal berёg old man’s daughter as the apple of an eye. But one day, when Baikal is asleep, the boy ran to the Angara Yenisei. I woke up the father angrily threw waves. Rose fierce storm, mountains wept, fell the forest, blackened from the burning sky, the beasts fled in terror across the land, the fish fell to the bottom, birds sped toward the sun. Mighty Baikal hit the gray mountain rock broke off from her and threw it behind runaway daughter.

The rock fell on the throat beauty. Angara pleaded blue-eyed, gasping and sobbing, begged: – Father, I am dying of thirst. Give me one drop of water. Baikal angrily shouted: – I can give you only my tears! Since thousands of years, and flows into the Angara Yenisei water-tear and gray lonely Baikal became gloomy and scary. Continue reading

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On the way from Finland to Karelia
This post will be quite small, just a few photos I made along the way at a scout camp Kosmos'15 home in Petrozavodsk. The nature of Finland and Karelia very…

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