Dangerous lake

According to Nicholas Septa, Director of the state collective enterprise “Pleso”, which deals with the protection, maintenance and use of inland water bodies of Kiev, in the lakes of Desnyanskiy and Darnitskiy areas along the street zakrevskogo and Prospekt Bazhana, swimming is strictly prohibited.

A list of closed bathing waters also include lakes, Opechen Obolon, Lower Telbin and Garachka on Poznyaky, Moscow, in the Podolsk district. It is an open drainage system storm water not intended for relaxation. Because of the state of the seabed and coastal areas should not swim in the lake G linka (another name — Lybidska) in the Pechersk district, in the rusanivsky canal and any waters, the shores of which are reinforced concrete slabs. In summer they are covered with slippery algae, and to get ashore in such a place without assistance difficult.

The cleanest lake of Kiev — Ministerka Obolon and Blue on the Gardener. The latter, incidentally, the only lake of glacial origin.

Caring about the safety of locals, the experts of “Plyos” conducted research and found that the Kiev reservoirs there are no malaria mosquitoes, and within beaches can not be afraid of mites. However, one must be careful in the forests of the Islands Dolobetsky (“wild” part of the hydro) and Trukhanov. There found three types of mites (causing encephalitis, fortunately, no).

For the summer season prepared 22 beaches (including four new ones, on the right Bank of the Dnieper) and 53 recreation areas. These places are checked for compliance with sanitary-hygienic norms of water quality, seafloor and coastal parts. Organized garbage collection, imported 150 thousand cubic meters of new sand.

For the first time are preparing to receive tourists areas near the water, located among the arrays of Kyiv garden cooperatives and within individual buildings. It’s a Cold lake on Osokorki, Robin on Voskresenka, Todorovska bets on a Mousetrap, etc.

In connection with the increase in the number of recreation areas this year to expand the network of rescue stations. Now they are in the town of 12 (including three rescue diving). It is planned to open two more. Becomes more and health centers.

To date, city sanitary service has not yet signed all of santasport beaches. But Nikolai Sepec sure that all areas conform to the norm.

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