Golden lake

Gold,Altyn – Kol,Teletskoe lake so the lake is called,and also called the younger brother of Baikal.As well as the Baikal,it stretches between mountains and very deep.The purity of the water, too, can easily compete with his older brother. Teletskoye lake stretches along almost 80 km,but the width of the lake is not very big,the widest place about 5km to the deepest point 323 feet,and the average depth of the lake is 181 meters,but in the bottom of the lake there is an ancient fault,the depth of which is approximately 800 meters.The lake stretches from South to North,the southern coast is the valley of the Chulyshman river and the river itself which begins with the lake,the Northern shore is the village of Artybash and iogach where the lake ends. In the Teletskoye lake flows about 70 pristine mountain rivers,and flows only one – Biy,in the district of Biysk merges with the river Katun and forms the river Ob. About Teletskoye lake there are many legends one of them says about the birth of the lake.Once,long,long ago in the mountains lies a wonderful valley,through which flowed the river Chulyshman,all the rivers flowing down from the mountains emptied into it,along its banks grazed the countless herds of sheep and horses,the people of this valley lived in fullness and prosperity.

The ruler of the people who lived in this beautiful valley, was the Body of Khan,revered and respected for his courage and justice.Was Khan the Body of the Golden sword,possessed of divine power,no one could defeat the people of this valley,until the sword was at Khan’s Body.One of my neighbors Khan Body,Khan Bogdo decided to be tricky to seize a sword and to conquer the fertile valley,he became a friend of Khan’s Body,betraying his assurances of friendship and praise of the merits of Khan’s Body,also in Khan’s Body was the beautiful wife of the Chulcha,very fond of ornaments and jewelry,Bogdo Khan also took advantage of this by sending the Chulcha many gifts.One day,Bogdo Khan,invited Khan’s Body to his guests for the big feast.Beauty Chulcha felt something was wrong and did not want to let Khan Body,or requested to take the magic sword,the Body but Khan refused,saying that he was going to the other and a sword he doesn’t need.After 10 days,when Khan’s Body was already approaching the possessions of Bogdo Khan, and his retinue was captured by a detachment of Khan Bogdo,when they were in the rate of Khan,Khan’s Body and his retinue was immediately killed by the warriors of the treacherous Khan Bogdo.As soon as Khan’s Body died,his Golden sword fell from the wall on which hung,the sword fell with such force that it split the earth and formed a huge gap, beauty Chulcha was on the edge of the abyss,she realized that her husband happened to strike,bitter tears rolled from her beautiful eyes,and wept Chulcha so long that the abyss was filled and overflowed the lake.

Here they are tears of beauty Culci (Chulchinsky waterfall).

This is just one of the legends,but there are also ancient and more modern.The Teletskoye lake is full of unsolved mysteries.

Many times scientists have tried to explore the underwater world and the bottom of lake Teletskoye,but it keeps its secrets. There is a legend about the forest of the dead,warriors of the era of Genghis Khan,in armour,almost like living,”alisalisa”on the bottom of the lake.They went to the bottom trying to swim across to get to the other side,but the water in the lake is very cold,and paralyzed with ice water riders went under water to a depth of 200 meters,and are still.Perhaps someday someone will prove or disprove this legend,but while modern equipment does not allow to explore the bottom of the lake at this depth,so for the time being this legend lives and fascinates with its mystery.

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