Lake Zurich: the sun and water

Sitting in the restaurant town of Rapperswil overlooking lake Zurich, and then see people flying by on bicycles. «This, incidentally, is not just the idle men about town, ” explains our guide, Alfonso Leopard. — they are travelers. Cycle routes span the entire country, ranging from sophisticated to family”.

When it comes to travel, the Swiss participants are transformed into amazing worship. They were little three and a half thousand kilometers of Railways, millions of bus passengers annually — all kinds of transport are combined into one giant chain, the links of which are perfectly fitted and work, according to the pedantic Swiss, with an error of 13 percent. Less meticulous peoples, this error can easily not notice at all.

With all the love for the railway, the Swiss have not forgotten about the lakes. The water lives a large number of people, and sometimes ferry — the most natural means to get from home to work, how are we underground or bus. Ferries cross from pleasure boats, the passengers waving to each other hands: who swims to work, and who lazy as one can only be on vacation, sipping a Cup of coffee, admiring the successive cathedrals and the town hall of Zurich.

On the lake walking the old paddle steamer ” “Zurich”. On Board there is a restaurant. And in the middle, as if in a Museum, behind glass spinning wheels. On a bench sat two old ladies, they look at the wheels and giggle as the girls, under their rhythmic hum. Who knows what I remember these ladies. But, judging by their faces, it seems that one of their fun youthful leprosy.

While in Zurich is the unexpected heat. People melt on the beaches along the shores of the lake, eagerly soaking up the cool water. With the swans finally came off all the plaque stiffness and importance: most of the time seen protruding from the water only red tabs, make others Swan sirloin instead of the reference neck. The shores of the lake not occupied by beaches, is a luxury areas, private areas: they can learn by obviously expensive, though outwardly modest, the houses, the quays of which flit on light waves well maintained boats and yachts.

«I always go to the beach in summer. It as a club, we know each other for many years. Met and continue to meet new people. My life has been connected with the lake”, ” Ulysses tells the cycler, the owner of the shop Limited-Stock: forge Ulis and his friends ten years ago organized the sale of metal crafts for home, selected from around the world.

Zurich from afar seems like a city of banks and the clerks, formal and cold. In the latter is especially hard to believe in these Sunny days. With the arrival of the sun the city is hammered by crowds of people, tourists and locals. Them simply animates the buzzing streets of Zurich.

However, the face of the city changing every year. Of course, 350 banks do not disappear, but they have to coexist with the institutions like a club Hive (Hive) in West Zurich. “We were one of the first illegal night clubs, so hard on for these twenty-three years to survive — no idea! But now it is already history, ” says Sebastian «Walla” Voloshanovsky, the Manager of the club. — we Have now all grown-up, every month changes, the engineer comes, checks the equipment, settings”. During the day the club is quiet, only here and there banging hammers, clanking silver disco balls Yes sunbeams are worn on the bar and the glasses. However, by night zürich-West only makes a good sound — this “beehive” doesn’t sleep until the morning.

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