On the way from Finland to Karelia

This post will be quite small, just a few photos I made along the way at a scout camp Kosmos’15 home in Petrozavodsk. The nature of Finland and Karelia very similar, and indeed they were once one country. Dense forests, rivers, large lakes and small Lambushka, blue sky and clouds reflecting in them — the most important riches of the area, attracting tourists from around the world. For many years it was all in my walking distance. And the more you begin to appreciate it all, after living a few years in another country.

In this post I would like to thank those who made this trip possible. To go to such an event from Petrozavodsk to Finland with her two children by public transport is almost impossible, so you need a car, which we did not have. At our request Vkontakte said our friends Julia and Sasha, who offered us a own a brand new Skoda Octavia Combi.

To say that I was pleased with the new Octavia — it does not say anything. Machine — what you need for families with children: spacious interior, huge trunk, safety on the highest level from the body structure and airbags (up to nine) to the headlights with dynamic cornering lights. A powerful engine that allows you to safely overtake on the highway, but the on-Board computer all the way showed average fuel consumption at 4.7-4.8 litres per 100 km, but the most valuable thing in the car for driving on the roads of Finland is cruise control. On small roads, with excellent coverage and a speed limit of just 80 km/h did not notice how typing speed is allowed above, but suddenly the thought of pop-up cameras on the roads are forced to frantically slow down. And then set the desired speed and drive on an empty road, admiring the surrounding beauty. In General, strongly recommend.

By the way, the example of the Finnish roads, as discussed above. Well here is not to accelerate?

The only thing that distinguishes Finland from Karelia outside the cities (except roads), this is a rare hamlets and detached farm buildings.

Church in a small Finnish town of Kitee on lake Kiteenjoki.

Every time I look at such scenery in my head plays the same song: “And do not understand, whether in the lake, the sky fell. And not to understand whether the lake in the sky” — and this has nothing to do, Petrozavodsk train station is programmed in the capital of Karelia on a subconscious level.

Finnish pastoral.

In Karelia we stopped along the way to visit the boy, Anton, with whom we met during volunteer events in Petrozavodsk children’s Home. Anton now lives with her native grandmother in a small Karelian village. Life is certainly not sweet, but it’s better than boarding school, waiting for him after the Child’s Home. The boy still loves bubbles.

Together with Leo they are great to run on a huge field next to the house.

And Martin had to run from these kids who wanted us to “arrest”.

Visiting hour, Anton, and his grandmother, went further. Late at night in the lowlands begins to appear, the fog is stunningly beautiful.

And it’s late at night at the entrance to the city of Petrozavodsk over the road got out an incredibly huge moon. Oh, sorry, that is not in my set of televishka, so you have to content with what we have. Live it certainly looked much more effective.

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