Real Estate on the lakes of Northern Italy

Real estate on the lakes of Northern Italy is one of the most popular not only in the country but all over the world. Flats, apartments in prestigious complexes, luxury villas and traditional houses are always in high demand.

The unique beauty of these places, excellent climate and convenient location made these areas attractive to prestigious and prominent businessmen and Hollywood stars. Thus, buying property in lakes of Italy, You get not only excellent accommodation, but also a profitable investment, since in these areas the cost of real estate is practically independent of price fluctuations, and the demand always exceeds the supply.

Property in Italy’s lakes can be divided into three main categories:

Villa class «luxury”: unique objects with rich history, which are often true works of art, surrounded by parks;

Modern villas, apartments or townhouses in new residential complexes. It is a quality resort property, with such advantages as beautiful panoramic views, proximity to water, swimming pools and spacious terraces.

The secondary market offers houses and apartments or already renovated, or repaired. They can be arranged in the centre of the coastal villages or in the picturesque hills; the houses, generally, have their own sites.

Lake Como

The region of lake Como is considered one of the most aristocratic. There are no grandiose masterpieces of architecture inherent in Rome or Venice, this is not as lively on the coast, but there is a charming view of the mountains, combined with the surface of the lake and extraordinary tranquility. On the shores of lake Como, You will not find any model buildings or faceless buildings. Here people built for centuries, investing in a gorgeous Villa all his skill and soul. Cozy restaurants and small shops as well create a unique atmosphere.

The most expensive properties are located on the East and West coasts in towns Como, Torno, Blevio and Laglio. Here, the property is sold from 5 to 15 million euros. The most popular real estate near the towns of Belagio, Menaggio and Tremezzo. The average cost of housing with views of the lake begins between 4,000 – 5,000 euros for 1 m2, and the second line the average cost starts from 2 500 euros per m2.

Lake Garda

Of all the lakes in the North of Italy the largest and most famous is lake Garda. Its popularity has not waned, as its coast still has a place and a large entertainment Park like Disneyland, and several water parks, and Europe’s largest disco, and spas. All this makes the surrounding area of lake Garda, a wonderful international resort. Gorgeous sandy and pebble beaches will delight fans of passive recreation, but active can go diving, surfing, sailing, horse riding, Alpine skiing. On the mountain slopes adjacent to the lake, the many vineyards and olive trees, therefore, viticulture, production of excellent wine and olive oil make this region attractive for entrepreneurs.

Buyers of property in lake Garda – it is the affluent who appreciates history, architecture and comfort. The largest towns on lake Garda are Fat, Lazise, Riva del Garda and the Garda. The lake is surrounded by numerous villas of unusual architecture with a mysterious past. Such property in the towns of Limone Sul Garda, Bardolino or Malcesine is 5 000 – 6 000 euros per square meter. New apartments a little further away from the shores of the lake are slightly cheaper 3 000 – 3 500 per square meter. You can find a small townhouse with private garden, however, and it is in this prestigious area will not be cheap.

Lake Lugano

The majority of the Lugano lake belongs to Switzerland, but the 18 square kilometers of coast washed by the Italian province of Lombardy. Here is quite a mild climate, summer temperatures of 28-32 degrees and the water is 22-24 degrees. The surroundings of the lake – a great place for tourism. Amazing views of the surrounding nature, rocky shores, ancient castles and Italian monasteries, which opens from the observation sites are simply breathtaking. Active vacationers are offered a lot of options for a fun time, fishing enthusiasts will envy themselves when they see your a good catch, by the way, local cuisine is a wonderful fish dishes. Located along the coast of trattoria and Osteria, which you should definitely try homemade products.

The largest city is Italian Lugano Porlezza. Real estate prices in coastal cities is quite high and starts from 3,000 euros per square meter, as most objects – old. A little more than 2 000 euros per square are small apartments modern buildings. And in such area as Campione d’Italy pictures are the same as in neighboring Switzerland 7 to 10 thousand euros per square meter.

Lake Maggiore

The nature around this wonderful lake is considered one of the cleanest in Italy. The area of the lake belongs to Switzerland, partly, partly the two Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont. The beauty of these places captivates everyone. Special sub-Alpine climate. The lake from the North-West is protected from cold winds by the Alps, so for six months, nature provides local residents with constant 20 degrees Celsius. Property on lake Maggiore is designed for those who want to feel unity with nature. Lovers of Antiques and architecture will be delighted by coastal towns, there are preserved many old buildings dated to the 19th and early 20th centuries. Lake Maggiore has long been known and popular – here was fond of Hemingway, Churchill, Garibaldi and others.

The lake is close enough and from Milan and the Swiss border, so the real estate here is expensive. The most famous and popular are the towns of Stresa, Verbania and Luino. In new buildings in the popular resorts price per meter can go up to 10,000 euros, a Villa with lake view in small towns, you can find 3 800 euros per square meter, and a little apartment without repair is not that far from the lake – over 1 500 thousand euros per square meter.

The Cliff Property specialists will advise You on buying property in any of the lakes in Italy.

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