The Campaign of Kaluga region

Park Ugra in Kaluga region

City of Kaluga all speckled Hiking trails. The abundance of natural and archaeological monuments attract the attention of all who appreciate the gifts of the earth and prefers to see the world with my own eyes, and not with the help of the video travelers.

The true pride of the region are parks . The famous Ugra is a national from the end of the last century. Located in the valleys of three tributaries of the Oka (the Zhizdra, Ugra, and Visa), it stretches almost 200 km. This hike in the Kaluga region is not complete without a visit to the luxurious sanctuary, which dates back to the stone age.

Picturesque landscapes of mixed forests consist of numerous rare plants (especially mosses). Motley diversity of fauna includes nearly 300 species, including representatives of the beautiful fur. About 20 species of birds in the protected list. Areas with swamps and impenetrable forests are not afraid of travellers. Many forest trails, equipped for overnight stays and Parking lots and places to build fires, make you feel more comfortable. More than 70 lakes (flood and ice) got lost in the extensive grounds of the Park.

More than 130 archaeological sites – is settlements, hillforts, burial graves. From the surviving colonnades of the mansion complexeswith outbuildings still blows its former grandeur. Monastic ensembles and churches (deserts) have kept the archaic Russian architecture in the ancient white stone walls. The hike in the Suzdal area will allow you to see more of the monuments of pre-Petrine era Russia.

Kaluga is famous for its waterfalls of ice, suitable for drinking water. Niagara still has a small height (4 m), a picturesque natural wonder is not inferior to its canadian brother-giant. And rainbow is so hidden from prying eyes with thickets and small keys that travelers do not always find it. Even in winter it was not covered by ice and fun sparkles glitter spray. But gremyachiy Creek announces itself with a rumble of water for several kilometers, attracting the attention of tourists with multi-level thresholds.

Waterfall rainbow in the Kaluga region

Place of worship – Chertovo Gorodishe near Kozelsk . The pilgrimage of curious explains anomalous phenomena, frequently occurring in the County. Crashing equipment, temporary hole and ease the loss of orientation on the ground – the standard for a unique plot. No one knows the nature of the origin of the local “damn” pins (round holes in the stones) and an inexhaustible well of water in it.

Unique lake surrounded by lush forest beckon to the trek fans of wild rest. Their poetic names speak of the essence of each. Button – the deepest water in the area (up to 35 m). Local residents say that in the depths of his hidden plane. Silence – the largest of all in these places. Its banks have taken a fancy to rare Russian desman. And in the waters of Brine fish so much that is enough for several cities and for breeding in other water bodies.

Heard about that region – the cradle of Russian cosmonautics, tourists visit the famous Museum in Kaluga Tsiolkovsky. The futuristic shape of the building holds more than 70,000 items, including models of ships, satellites and aircraft. The ability to look at personal belongings of astronauts and immerse yourself in the recreated new planetarium space the atmosphere will make the trip not just interesting, but unforgettable.

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