The deepest lake of our planet

Angara – the daughter of the lake From the lake follows one river – Angara. In the legends call it the daughter of the lake. It is said that in the old days the mighty Baikal was cheerful and kind. Firmly he loved his only daughter Angara. Prettier it was not on earth. And no matter who was driving past the Angara, all admired her, all praised it.

Baikal berёg old man’s daughter as the apple of an eye. But one day, when Baikal is asleep, the boy ran to the Angara Yenisei. I woke up the father angrily threw waves. Rose fierce storm, mountains wept, fell the forest, blackened from the burning sky, the beasts fled in terror across the land, the fish fell to the bottom, birds sped toward the sun. Mighty Baikal hit the gray mountain rock broke off from her and threw it behind runaway daughter.

The rock fell on the throat beauty. Angara pleaded blue-eyed, gasping and sobbing, begged: – Father, I am dying of thirst. Give me one drop of water. Baikal angrily shouted: – I can give you only my tears! Since thousands of years, and flows into the Angara Yenisei water-tear and gray lonely Baikal became gloomy and scary. Rock that threw Baikal after his daughter called Shaman rock people. They were brought to Baikal-rich offerings. People said: “Baikal angry, frustrate Shaman stone, water will rush and flood the whole

On one side of the lake is surrounded by high mountain ranges, the terrain here is untouched by anthropogenic influence. On the other side of the lake stretching hundreds of kilometers of railway and highway path, built cities and industrial centers. Lake area – 31 470 square kilometers. The deepest point of Lake Baikal – 1637 meters, the average depth is 730 meters. To better understand the size and capacity of the lake, imagine that the Angara River to drain the Baikal, should make this reservoir 60.9 km3 of water annually for 387 years. Provided that Baikal will not fall into any one of the 336 filling the lake river.

On Lake Baikal is located about 30 islands, is considered the largest island of Olkhon.
The waters of the lake are amazing for its purity and transparency. They are so full of oxygen, which are considered healing since ancient times. Local people use the lake water for the treatment of various diseases. In the spring the transparency of the lake is 40 meters. The chemical composition of Baikal water is close to distilled: it is weakly mineralized and “soft.”

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