The largest thermal lake in the world

Report from the fourth day in Hungary will be the small. We googled this world famous lake is the pool, where the water is warm all year round (from +26 in the winter and +34 in the summer)

The lake has a funnel shape, from the depth of which hit two hot thermal source (+42°C and +38°C) and one mineral (+17). Mixing they form a circular flow, with a uniform temperature around the perimeter.

The composition of minerals in the lake are the most unique on the planet, second only to him is similar to not all are available in New Zealand.

Therefore, hévíz travel safe again for young and old alike for the past three hundred years. No exception, and we.

To get to hévíz in several ways – tours from travel agencies, travel independently by bus or rented car or book a Shuttle service from resorts and hotels of hévíz. Here is the official website of Heviz, like.

We had an economy tariff. so we went from the bus station Nepliget bus. Quite comfortable and budget. On arrival at Hevis recommend to immediately take a return ticket, so as not to accidentally stay there for the night

Jack here against his will, did not want to leave Hevi

The town itself is small and located in the heart of the protected forest.

Here’s the view from the top googled. So you understand how everything looks.

The water in the lake is completely renewed within 28 hours and is always clean.

The main entrance

At the entrance sells tickets: hourly, passes, and procedures. We took like 5 hours. You are given a wrist band to keep track of time in the complex, and he is a lock for your locker.

First to lean out there window to an electronic bracelet at the entrance to the locker room on the screen write the number of your locker.

Not hard to see that Zhenya dropped with these lockers about 10 minutes :)))

Sensitive Wiki:

The composition of the water of lake hévíz: potassium, sodium, ammonium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, bromide, iodide, fluoride, sulfate, peroxide, carbonate, sulfide, metaboric acid, metasilicic acid, free carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen.

Indications for treatment in the lake: diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joint pain, arthritis, osteochondrosis, chronic inflammation of the joints, sciatica, inflammation of nerve endings and movement disorders associated with lesions of the bone system, circulatory disorders, gout, low potency, musculoskeletal diseases associated with metabolic disorders.

Contraindications: active tuberculosis, overactive thyroid glands, malignant tumours, thrombosis, bronchial asthma, pregnancy.

The weather was good and then we went out on the veranda with sun loungers

Hévíz is a real Mecca for the treatment of various diseases and for patients there is a very high quality service thought out literally everything for everyone

the inside is also made landings

In the water at once is recommended no longer than 15-20 min.

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